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Chimney Sweep and Cleaning

Chimney and fireplace maintenance is essential to keep your family and your home safe. Schedule a professional chimney sweep and cleaning service today.

Fireplace Service

We service, repair, and inspect fireplaces to keep your home safe and warm. It should be serviced every year, especially if the hearth product is your primary source of heat.

Chimney Inspections

Our comprehensive chimney inspection verifies the essential soundness of the chimney structure and flue, as well as the appliance installation and connection. We also check the chimney is free of obstruction and combustible deposits.

Royal Cleaning Service - Waterproofing

Masonry Waterproofing

Waterproofing is vital to protect the chimney masonry from water damage. The coating prevents tiny holes from forming in the brick surface, allowing water to penetrate and damage other parts of the chimney.

Chimney Cleaning Services

Our maintenance service was designed to give you peace of mind that your chimney and fireplace are clean, safe, and ready to use.  
Routine maintenance services include:

Chimney Sweep Los Angeles
Chimney Fireplace before Royal Cleaning Service
Chimney Fireplace after Royal Cleaning Service

Chimney Inspection & Repair

Royal Cleaning service will have your chimneys inspected and swept if
If the chimney (fireplace & furnace/water heater/flue) is clean and free
of obstructions, there is less danger of a chimney fire or carbon monoxide

Repairs include installing or repairing a chimney cap, liner replacement or repair, and even mortar replacement.

What is Covered In Our Chimney Sweeping Service?

Professional Chimney Sweep in Los Angeles & Surroundings

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Chimney Caps Service

A chimney cap is a special metal top designed to protect your chimney.

Caps stop the rain, large sparks, and critters from coming in while allowing the smoke to flow out. Our technicians carry different sizes of chimney caps with them and can install one on your chimney in the same visit. Be sure to ask us about chimney caps if you don’t have one.

Chimney Cap Los Angeles
Chimney cap before Royal Cleaning Service
Chimney cap after Royal Cleaning Service

Chimney Caps Installations

Chimney caps help prevent lit embers or sparks that travel up the chimney from landing on the roof and possibly catching it on fire. One important reason to add a chimney cap is that it can increase the lifetime of your chimney liner. Water and debris getting into the chimney liner can cause it to deteriorate, especially in chimneys with clay liners. By adding chimney caps, you are increasing the life and effectiveness of your chimney liner.